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I've got a weird mail issue. Specifically, I have a script that checks the request header, and if it matches a certain string it sends out a mail using mail(). It's a basic mail, with the standard 'to', 'subject', 'content', 'from' fields and nothing else.

The mail does get sent out fine, but it causes the page load to hang for 30+ seconds (even with mail() outside the generated HTML), far too long. I saw some responses suggesting dump the mails into a db and run a cron job on it, but that's not really an option in this situation.

Basically, I'm wondering if there's a way to force a php script (the page load) completion without mail() completing or some configuration I should be checking that could be causing this to take so long.

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I had a similar problem once on a RHEL 4 server and found 2 solutions that worked: using PEAR mail or using an external smtp server (gmail in my case). Sending a simple contact form went from 30 - 50 seconds to less than a second.

I never found out what caused it...

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Never had problems with mail(), i find it very reliable.

  • The problem occurs in all e-mails or with specific ones?
  • Did you tried to test the code on another server?
  • Use PHPmailer() from here as alternative (if possible) with SMTP. Here's a good tutorial.

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The problems occur in any php-created emails using the mail() function. The server setup itself is 'interesting', to say the least, and I wouldn't be surprised if the server limitations are what's causing the slowdown. I hesitate to rework too much of the server itself, as it's getting replaced in 4-6 months - it's more a matter of "make this work for now" than anything else. –  SickHippie Mar 29 '12 at 16:19

When I had similar problem, it was caused by the absence of canonical hostname.

Look at /var/log/mail.err: if you see

sendmail[31575]: unable to qualify my own domain name (localhost) -- using short name"

then that's it!

Then you need:

  1. Add your hostname to /etc/hosts as: your.ip.address your.host.name
  2. Set the hostname in /etc/hostname as: your.host.name
  3. Reboot
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