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I am using LinkedIn-J. My application authenticates without problem, I get data from the user - even their first name, last name etc.

Person profile = client.getProfileForCurrentUser();

However, when I try to get the list of educations, the Educations object returned is null:

Educations educations = profile.getEducations();
educations == null

What can be the error? Should my application ask for special permissions to be granted?

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Sorry, a bit off topic, but I find it strange that the library uses Educations –  Gohn67 Mar 28 '12 at 22:43
what should it return if they don't have any educations? –  dm03514 Mar 28 '12 at 23:06

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I've never used the Linkedin-j api before, but according to the LinkedIn api you get firstname, lastname, headline, and some url by default.

So I believe you need to specify that you want education returned. I don't know how to do that in LinkedIn-J though.


For example, with the rest api you'd use this uri:

http://api.linkedin.com/v1/people/id=12345:(first-name,last-name, educations)

Using the LinkedIn J library, it seems like you have to add profile fields using Set as a parameter to one of their many methods in the client.

Example of a method you could call of many (if you have a connected user):

public Person getProfileForCurrentUser(Set<ProfileField> profileFields)

ProfileField is an Enum located here:

import com.google.code.linkedinapi.client.enumeration.ProfileField;
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