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I have a linux NFS that dissapears everytime windows is rebooted.

I need to run a scheduled task to run on startup that will mount these.

I run the following commands when i do (i have to do this via psexec):

  1. Cd c:\temp
  2. psexec.exe -i -s cmd.exe
  3. new window
  4. (normally run a whoami to make sure i am set NT AUTHORITY\system
  5. net use m: /persistent:yes UNIXSERVER01:/vol/vfile01_media/media
  6. net use m: /persistent:yes UNIXSERVER02:/vol/vfiler02_docs/docs

Thats my normal process, however i am a bit stuck in create a batch script that will run the files from psexec.


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Sorry, i understand that id obviously need to the pipe the commands through, not sure if this is actually possible! I'm a unix guy unfortunately! –  Boothe Mar 28 '12 at 23:21
Figured it out. @echo off set path=c:\temp psexec -i -s net use M: /persistent:yes UNIXSERVER01:/vol/vfile01_media/media psexec -i -s net use H: /persistent:yes UNIXSERVER02:/vol/vfiler02_docs/docs i figured out i am stupid for not figuring that out earlier. but this may help someone in the future/ –  Boothe Mar 28 '12 at 23:43

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Try something like

PSEXEC /accepteula -u "NT_Authority/System" -i -s NET USE m: /persistent:yes UNIXSERVER01:/vol/vfile01_media/media
PSEXEC /accepteula -u "NT_Authority/System" -i -s NET USE m: /persistent:yes UNIXSERVER02:/vol/vfiler02_docs/docs

hope it helps, if you want to get really precise you can pipe the output of

WHOAMI >C:\whoami.txt

and try to find a for /f loop to parse the output, into an IF statement.

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