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I am working on a project with MySQL database Java GUI.

This is my SQL script CREATE TABLE takenservice ( ResvID INT UNSIGNED NOT NULL, ServID INT UNSIGNED DEFAULT 0 NOT NULL, ServUsedDate DATETIME NOT NULL , PayStat VARCHAR(6) DEFAULT Unpaid NOT NULL, ServRecBy VARCHAR(7) NOT NULL, PayRecBy VARCHAR(7), Quantity SMALLINT DEFAULT 1 NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (ResvID, ServID, ServUsedDate)); Alter table takenservice add constraint foreign key (ResvId) references reservation (ResvID); Alter table takenservice add constraint foreign key (ResvId) references reservation (ResvID);

I created the entity classes with Netbeans 7.0 and created 4 classes:

Service Reservation ServiceTaken ServiceTakenPK

but I cant enter values to the table and it gives me an error that I am trying to enter null values in as primary keys.

I have found the bug actually in Netbeans forum which is

and accordingly I have added the following methods to the class ServiceTaken

public int getResvID() {
    return takenservicePK.resvID;

public int getServID() {
    return takenservicePK.servID;

public Date getServUsedDate() {
    return takenservicePK.servUsedDate;

upon inserting a new entry in the table I get this error :

Error Code: 1048 Call: INSERT INTO takenservice (PayRecBy, ServRecBy, Quantity, PayStat, ServUsedDate, ResvID, ServID) VALUES (?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?) bind => [ddd, ddd, 0, ddd, null, null, null]

What I can do to fix this ? Please help me with this I am running out of time =/

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Please try using System.out.println(yourqueryexecution stmt); then check whether the statement can be executed in the DB; Find whether it sends all the values to the db; hope this works..

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the statement can be executed in the db. The thing is the values of the primary keys are not sent. – Sasha Mar 29 '12 at 13:00

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