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I have a series of .NET WCF RESTFul services that can produce either JSON or XML format responses. These services will be used by android java clients. I'm presently an android/java newbie.

Which format is easier to process. Which is faster.

Since they are my own services I don't care to much about type-safety. Thanks, Gary

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JSON typically is a bit more lightweight, so if bandwidth is a concern (given that you're targeting Android devices, it might very well be) I'd say JSON. Also, if you want to open up your services to JavaScript in a web browser, JS (and JS developers) is (are) probably happier to receive JSON.

XML is nice, I suppose, if you want to use schemas or if you're doing JAXB stuff or something.

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I think both have become pretty standard these days. I guess one argument in favor of JSON is that it's less verbose. However on the flip side most developers seem to still be more comfortable with xml.

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It's also a matter of which one has better support in the framework you are using –  TGH Mar 29 '12 at 0:20

JSON is more readable and more maintainable. I have used both and I prefer JSON in most cases. It's up to you, which one are you more comfortable with.

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Readability is an excellent point in favor of JSON (at least in my opinion), good call! Also, in case it was ambiguous in my answer, I tend to lean heavily toward JSON. –  JKing Mar 29 '12 at 0:25

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