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This code didn't works as expected. I want to select all the posts that have the TAGS 561, 562, together or separately, but without any tag that is not present here->>> IN (561, 562)

 SELECT post_id_post
 FROM post_has_tags
 WHERE tags_id_tags IN (561, 562)
 HAVING COUNT(tags_id_tags) <= 2 

post_id_post        tags_id_tags    
600                    561  
600                    562  
600                    917  // 917 is not inside IN (561, 562)

But this code will output the post 600. It's wrong, the correct output should be no results.


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Try this:

select distinct p1.post_id_post from post_has_tags p1
where not exists (
  select * from post_has_tags p2
  where p1.post_id_post = p2.post_id_post and p2.tags_id_tags not in (561, 562)

I don't want to be less than Phil, so I'm adding my fiddle too :)

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You get a +1 from me for having a more terse query. You don't need the WHERE .. IN on the outer query like I have in my answer – Phil Mar 29 '12 at 0:30
@Phil: Great thanks! :) – Mosty Mostacho Mar 29 '12 at 0:31
SELECT DISTINCT pht.post_id_post -- the distinct is to avoid duplicates
FROM post_has_tags pht
WHERE pht.tags_id_tags IN (561, 562)
    SELECT 1 FROM post_has_tags _pht
    WHERE _pht.post_id_post = pht.post_id_post
    AND _pht.tags_id_tags NOT IN (561, 562)

Demo here -!2/cdef3/3

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maybe a bit overkill but:

SELECT post_id_post
FROM post_has_tags
WHERE tags_id_tags IN (561, 562)
AND tags_id_tags NOT IN (SELECT DISTINCT(tag_id) FROM tags WHERE tag NOT IN (561, 562));

(assuming you have a separate table for tags)

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