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I want to know if is it possible to use @PrePersist and @PreUpdate with Ebean and Play! 2.0. If so how is this feature activated. I've seen that there was a pull request adding this feature a month ago, but I can't make this work on Play 2.0.


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According to github.com/playframework/Play20/pull/113 it should be possible with BeanPersistListener, although I dont know, how to configure it in Play2. – sealskej Sep 2 '12 at 21:42

If your goal is just setting createdAt or updatedAt fields, and you're using EBean, try @CreatedTimestamp and @UpdatedTimestamp. See here. I'd prefer to use Biesior's approach, but it seemed to fail on Cascades -- the methods were never called.

private Date createdAt;

private Date updatedAt;
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Not a direct answer, but you can simulate these features by overriding methods of Model class in your model, sample:

public class Post extends Model {

    // .... 

    public void save() {
        this.createDate = new Date();
        this.modifyDate = new Date();

    public void update(Object o) {
        this.modifyDate = new Date();

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It seems the way to go is to implement the BeanPersistController, which offers Pre- and Post-Processing options.

To configure it in Play, modify the application.conf file, as such:


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I'm really late on this but you can use this : https://gist.github.com/1547244 . You will need to register this Class in you application.conf like this :

ebean.default="models.*, models.sgcore.SGBeanPersistController"
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