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I am having an issue trying to make a small text-fantasy type game involving classes for each type of entity (a wall, the player, a book etc). I have a class called room that looks like this:

class Room:

    def __init__(self, desc, items, wallF, wallB, wallL, wallR, isdark):
        self.desc = desc
        self.items = items
        self.wallF = wallF
        self.wallB = wallB
        self.wallL = wallL
        self.wallR = wallR
        self.isdark = False

now I have two rooms that are defined like this (not saying that its right):

roomstart = Room('There is a hole in the ceiling where you seemed to have fallen through, there is no way back up...', [candle], True, False, False, False, False)
room2 = Room('You enter a small cobblestone cavort. It is dark, and the smell of rot pervades you', [spellbook], False, True, False, True, True)

now, the problem is this: when I run the program it works fine up until I try to take the candle from roomstart, it then spits out the error that the candle is not in a list:

(<type 'exceptions.ValueError'>, ValueError("'candle' is not in list",), <traceb
ack object at 0x00B8D648>)

(yes, I did use sys.exc_info())

each object, (the candle, a dagger, a robe etc) has a class as well:

class Object:

    def __init__(self, desc, worth, emitslight, readable, wearable, name):
        self.desc = desc
        self.worth = worth
        self.emitslight = emitslight
        self.readable = readable
        self.wearable = wearable = name

here is the code for user input:

def handleinput():
global moves
room = Player.location
if room.isdark == True:
    print 'It is rather dark in here...'
    print room.desc, 'You see here:',
    for i in room.items:
input = str(raw_input('What now? ')).lower()
if 'look' in input:
    if room.isdark==True:
        print "You can't see anything! Its too dark."
        print 'You see:',room.desc,
        if room.wallF == True:
            print 'There is an exit to the front.'
        elif room.wallB == True:
            print 'There is an exit behind you.'
        elif room.wallL == True:
            print 'There is an exit to your left.'
        elif room.wallR == True:
            print 'There is an exit to your right.'

elif 'grab' in input:
    if room.isdark==True:
        print 'You flail about blindly in the dark room!'
        input2 = str(raw_input('Take what? '))
            popp = room.items.index(input2)
            print popp
            print sys.exc_info()
            print input2.title(),"doesn't exist!"
            print "You take the",input2,"and store it in your knapsack."

elif 'wipe face' in input:
moves += 1
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aaaahhh wall of code! – Puppy Mar 29 '12 at 4:12
Well, at least we can't complain that he didn't show what he's tried so far. – John Y Mar 29 '12 at 4:14
you know candle and 'candle' are different objects, right? – John La Rooy Mar 29 '12 at 4:15
It's great that you show us the code, really, it helps. What would help even more is for you to try to find the minimal piece of code that demonstrates your problem. That would help SO help you. – Eli Bendersky Mar 29 '12 at 4:25
@gnibbler if you're talking about 'candle' at the end of the candle object construction yes, 'candle' is the string that I'm using to actually name the candle for ingame tagging – CR0SS0V3R Mar 29 '12 at 4:38
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The object candle is in the list, but the string 'candle' is not. You may wish to solve this with a dictionary of the objects:

objects = {}
objects['candle'] = candle
objects['robe'] = robe

Then, you can find the index of the item via

popp = room.items.index(objects[input2])
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Wow! That worked perfectly! Just gotta remember to add the objects to the list ;) again thanks very much! The sweet message of success: There is a hole in the ceiling where you seemed to have fallen through, there is no way back up... You see here: candle What now? take Take what? candle You take the candle and store it in your knapsack. There is a hole in the ceiling where you seemed to have fallen through, there is no way back up... You see here: What now? – CR0SS0V3R Mar 29 '12 at 4:56

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