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I decided to use imap in my application to access gmail and yahoo mails as per suggested by the forum and it is working fine.

But I'm still unable to delete mails. I didn't find any implicit method to delete email(s). If any one can provide a way to do this using imap, then please post some code and useful links. I also read somewhere that we can change the flag of folder, so that email will be moved to the trash. Please provide running code. Thanks.

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It can be done through Java mail Api for Android.

Here is the code excerpt

String mail_host="imap.gmail.com";
Properties p = System.getProperties();
Session s = Session.getDefaultInstance(p, null);

    Store st = s.getStore("imaps");

     Folder inbox = st.getFolder("inbox");

     Message m= inbox.getMessage(1);
     m.setFlag(Flags.Flag.DELETED, true);
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