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I've found Kate when I tried out SUSE; I've become 'addicted' to the built-in terminal feature that no other editor seems to have. The terminal can be automatically synchronized to the built-in file explorer, which I've found very useful.

What other editor exists for environments other than KDE with support for a built-in terminal? Like for GNOME? Windows? I'm looking for something intuitive and easy to use (like Kate, Notepad++), and not Emacs or Vim.

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How is this not programming related? Do you normally write your programs with "echo" and "cat"? –  Chris Lutz Jun 14 '09 at 3:23

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Emacs, of course. Can't say if it works on every platform, but Windows, linux and most unixes support it.

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Gedit supports this via a plugin in the standard plugins package. http://live.gnome.org/GeditPlugins

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Coda has terminal built in I believe.

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anjuta also has it

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UltraEdit for Windows has built-in SSH/Telnet terminal.

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jEdit has a Console plugin.

You'll also want to add the Project Viewer plugin to get the side panels and also the LookAndFeel plugin so that you can make it less ugly!

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