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I am working on a Mapview in my android application, in which i have to show few lat long location with balloons on the map view. It is working well in emulator and when I run thru my run configuration in my device too, but when i send the apk for other devices, the MAP view class do not generate MAP.

This problem arises only when I transfer the APK for other devices. The APK is Signed well with the authenticate signature.

Please let me know the cause of such prob.

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The only reason I know so far for devices not showing the maps is related to the maps api key wich should be in your map layout with something like this: android:apiKey="Your Maps API Key goes here" you can find the info here: Android MapView Tutorial and I will quote a bit of it that might be your issue:

For the purpose of this tutorial, you should register with the SDK debug certificate, which will only be valid while your application is signed with the debug key (once you sign with your private key, you will need a new API key). When you get your key, insert it for the value of android:apiKey.

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Thanks alot!I was using two different signatures. I just generate a new MD5 imprint and created a new API key for MAP for my authenticated signature keystore. –  Sam-In-TechValens Mar 29 '12 at 8:24

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