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I have a tutorial to implement "My Own ILDASM" , may I know what approach i can use.

I have visual studio 2010 installed on my computer , i added MenuStrip and OpenFIleDialog.

My Questoins

1) I need to add a treeview control to display type members hierarchy in a tree

any direction will be enough

after selecting a dll from winform , how can i show that dll info in the tree view.

Any info will be appreciated.

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First, bone up on reflection.

Then, build up the namespaces and have those as top level tree view items. Next get all the Types. For example: Assembly.GetTypes.

From here you should be getting the hang of it. For each type, get the methods, properies, fields etc and make the subnodes.

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you mean to say , load the dll and use reflection to get all the info and then bind to the tree? – kobe Mar 29 '12 at 7:02
Yep. You'll probably have to build the sub items manually though, rather than using databinding – Steven P Mar 29 '12 at 12:13

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