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I have these code in my

array = []
p = Person.objects.filter(client=1,status='Complete').values('name', 'age', 'category').order_by('category')
for x in p:
 d = {'Name': x['name'], 'Age': x['age'], 'Category':x['category']}

then i got these :

[{'Name': u'Mike', 'Age': 20, 'Category':'A'},
{'Name': u'Bell', 'Age': 30, 'Category':'A'},
{'Name': u'Ned', 'Age': 23, 'Category':'B'},
{'Name': u'Ben', 'Age': 21, 'Category':'B'},
{'Name': u'Tom', 'Age': 28, 'Category':'B'},]

in my template:

{% if persons %}
 {% for p in persons %}
   Category {{p.Category}} :<br>{{p.Name}} <br> {{p.Age}}
 {% endfor %}
{% endif %}

I really want to be out-put is like this:

Category A:
Mike 20
Bell 30

Category B:
Ned 23
Ben 21
Tom 28

do anyone have an idea about my case? thanks in advance ...

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You can use the regroup template tag

{% if persons %}
    {% regroup persons by "Category" as people_list %}
    {% for key, val in people_list.items %}
        {{ key|title }} : <br /> {{ val|title }}
    {% endfor %}
{% endif %}

Note that values :

Returns a ValuesQuerySet — a QuerySet subclass that returns dictionaries when used as an iterable, rather than model-instance objects.

so you can remove this:

for x in p:
    d = {'Name': x['name'], 'Age': x['age'], 'Category':x['category']}

and change the regroup to:

{% regroup persons by category as people_list %}
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thanks for the help pastylegs... –  gadss Mar 29 '12 at 7:01

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