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I am using Zurb Foundation and it works great for almost all the browser however it breaks for IE8 and looks like the picture.

How can I go about fixing it??

Update with code

            = link_to logo, root_url

            -if current_user.blank?
                =link_to "Sign Up",signup_path, :class=> "signupButtonForModal small radius nice green button"
                =link_to "Login",signin_path, :class=> "signinButtonForModal small radius nice blue button"

            =form_tag "/search", :method =>"get" do
                =text_field_tag :query,params[:query], :placeholder => "search", :class =>"search round"

                %li=link_to "About |", about_path, :class => "nice foot"        
                %li=link_to "Contact |", contact_path, :class => "nice foot"
                %li=link_to "Blog |", blogs_path, :class => "nice foot"
                %li=link_to "Program Providers", program_providers_path, :class => "nice foot"
                - unless current_user.blank?
                    %li=link_to "| Logout", signout_path, :class => "nice foot"
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Can you post some code? –  Dips Mar 29 '12 at 6:58
updated the question with code –  Dev R Mar 29 '12 at 7:16

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Switching to the latest version of Zurb Foundation solved the issue.

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