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how to set the z-index windowsformhost that they are not always at the top of the WPF element ?

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Simple answer: you can't. See here. –  Clemens Mar 29 '12 at 9:01

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According to MSDN (Layout Considerations for the WindowsFormsHost Element)

A hosted Windows Forms control is drawn in a separate HWND, so it is always drawn on top of WPF elements.

This is a design limitation

Another good article from MSDN that explains possible issues when using different graphical technologies in Windows is Technology Regions Overview

However googling I found that there seem to be some hackings for this (known as airspace restriction)

One hack (never tried it personally so not sure if it works) is at this link

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A year later, things have changed a bit with .NET 4.5. For those who stumbled upon this, much as I did, here is a more updated excerpt from Walkthrough: Arranging Windows Forms Controls in WPF on MSDN:

By default, visible WindowsFormsHost elements are always drawn on top of other WPF elements, and they are unaffected by z-order. To enable z-ordering, set the IsRedirected property of the WindowsFormsHost to true and the CompositionMode property to Full or OutputOnly.

All you need to do, when using .NET 4.5, is add the following attributes to your WindowsFormsHost element IsRedirected="True" and CompositionMode="Full" or CompositionMode="OutputOnly".

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Checked it today - these properties were only in the beta release of .net 4.5. unfortunatelly they did't make their way to normal release. –  Maxim Zabolotskikh May 3 '13 at 7:18

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