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I am building a mobile application with jquery mobile. But I have a problem with my segment control. Like you can see here .

Now what I want to achieve is that when I select a button,the background from this button gets a different background-color.

Here you can find my HTML

<div data-role="fieldcontain"> 
                <fieldset data-role="controlgroup" data-type="horizontal" > 
                    <input type="radio" name="radio-view"  data-icon="segment-titlestyle-segonly"  id="segment1" value="choice1" checked="checked" /> 
                  <label for="segment1"  id="controls"><span class="ui-btn-text-controls">Iedereen</span></label> 
                <input type="radio" name="radio-view" data-icon="segment-titlestyle-segonly" id="segment2" value="choice2" /> 
                    <label for="segment2" id="controls"><span class="ui-btn-text-controls">Team</span></label> 
                    <input type="radio" name="radio-view" data-icon="segment-titlestyle-segonly" id="segment3" value="choice3" /> 
                    <label for="segment3" id="controls"><span class="ui-btn-text-controls">Favorieten</span></label>  

Like you can see I use for the background the id controls.

        background-color: #C0C0C0 !important;
        border-color: black !important;

    background-color: #C0C0C0 !important;

But it doesn't work. does anybody can help me ?

Kind regards.

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You can do this very easily with pure css. Write like this:-

        background-color: #C0C0C0 ;
        border-color: black ;

    background-color: red;

input[type='radio']:checked + #controls{

Check this http://jsfiddle.net/Fa3rp/3/

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it' doesnt work with me. But I think it is because I use the jquery mobile framework –  Steaphann Mar 30 '12 at 6:23

Very first thing you should not assign same ID more than one time use class instead. Second if you want to change any style on base of selection, you need to create a class and switch through jquery. You an use addClass and removeClass.

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