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I am trying to make an audio player that plays .wav files. I wrote a function ReadWaveFile(CString szFilename) for reading the wave data of the file into the WAVEHDR structure. In this function

BOOL CWavePlay::ReadWaveFile(CString szFilename)
    hmmio = mmioOpen((LPTSTR)&szFilename,NULL,MMIO_READ);
    ASSERT(hmmio);      //error here: hmmio=0x00000000
        return FALSE;

mmioOpen is always returning 0 whenever I pass a filepath to this function for opening the specified file. And what baffles me is when i pass the filepath explicitly in mmioOpen API the code works; i.e., a valid handle is returned. can some body explain why is this happening??

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the problem is solved when I have written the code as : hmmio = mmioOpen((LPTSTR)(LPCTSTR)szFilename,NULL,MMIO_READ); – ckram Mar 29 '12 at 7:41

What will happen when you say


When passing strings to system functions you will need to pick up the pointer to the raw string. For example, if you want to use an std::string object to build your path you will need to say


Your cast assumes from CString* to LPTSTR assumes that a CString is binary compatible with a LPTSRT which is not the case. When you write LPCTSTR on szFilename you will invoke a cast operator defined on CStrings that converts it to apropriate format. Did you tried just

hmmio = mmioOpen((LPCTSTR)szFilename,NULL,MMIO_READ);

The last cast does not do anything real here so it should be enough.

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