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Magento free shipping coupon breaking other coupons (and itself)

MAGE 1.6.1 Comm

Our problem is as follows. when I enter a free shipping coupon code it actually kills all aready entered codes and doesnt show shipping discount either

Try it at, order 1 item

enter coupon: FBKORTING01 (5 euro discount) + after that PICKUP (no shipping cost)

This is the setup of the PICKUP coupon

enter image description here

In the end we would like to offer coupons with different kind of coupons 5%, 5 euro, etc ... and when people in addition want to pickup the order they receive a second discount that triggers the shipping costs discount

Thx for any help

PS. I read this, but it doesnt solve it. Magento Free shipping and Coupon discount

I do think this is a bug so reported to Mage

Impossible to setup two usable coupons: 1 with 10$ discount and 1 with free shipping

Hi, we have the following.

1 coupon gives free shipping (priority 10), further rules YES: coupon code PICKUP 1 coupon gives 10$ discount (priority 20), further rules NO: coupon code 10OFF 1 coupon gives 5% discount (priority 50), further rules NO: no code, triggered by value

If I enter 10OFF, followed by PICKUP the result is; 5% discount and free shipping (not the expected 10OFF and free shipping)

I would expect the system to use the PICKUP coupon first with lowest prio 10, then continue processing us yes, so it moves to the 10OFF coupon code with prio 20, and then stop because further rules processing is NO

What is going on? This is very urgent for us. And as I now have been playing with this for two days and read all the forums - I am logging this issue. Please fix in 1.7

Also read this: People having the same:

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Hmmmm/ No idea. Free shipping is just causing troubles – snh_nl Apr 5 '12 at 8:53
Apparently others have this also:… – snh_nl May 7 '12 at 15:57

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