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How to know which Javascript (.js) executed a GET or Ajax call using Firebug or Google Chrome Plugin?

For example, a request for a image or html file executed by a Javascript, how to know which Javascript on the page executed that

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I have to (shamefully) admit that the original below was wrong. Due to the nature of the js execution flow this works at the first execution time:

console.log($("script").last().attr("class")); //or whatever

That, however, is not good enough, as illustrated by a call on a timeout. We need to keep the reference to the script element, this can be achieved by wrapping script contents into a closure and creating a variable to store the jQuery reference:

    var $scriptElement = $("script").last();
    console.log($scriptElement.attr("class")); //or whatever

Now, I have to disclaim that with the markup as above it is unlikely to be practical unless you come up with a better way to store the script element reference... this pretty much became a rather bad example of what could be done but really shouldn't :(

Unless you have to get the reference in-code, you would be much better off looking at the console output, it actually tells you where the output originated from, with the line# and everything:

enter image description here


Not sure how applicable this would be to external js (script tag with a src), but for inline scripts you could do something like this w/jQuery:

$(this).closest("script");//gets you reference to the script element

I'm assuming it would just a matter of getting its src attribute! Let us know if it works.

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I get "undefined" in the Firebug console... –  xybrek Mar 29 '12 at 8:36
@xybrek: I should know better than to post answers without verifying them. Edited, possibly in a disappointing manner. –  o.v. Mar 29 '12 at 9:48

In chrome you can break on any xhr request. This will only set breakpoints for AJAX calls though.

XHR Breakpoint

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