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i am doing my 8th Sem project, one of the module of the project is to find all MAC address of System which are connected in the LAN & store them in a file...

please let me know whether i can do it or not....

i want a JAVA Code to do the this thing, or anyone can give me some hints to do this

all are welcome to comment on this & support me....

Thank you.

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With pure Java it is impossible. You could execute "arp" thru Runtime.execute() and parse the output.

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  1. ping/connect all machines in subnet (like nmap -sP )
  2. read the system arp table (arp -n)
  3. store them in the file
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Use Nmap and Nmap4j and you should be good to go.

nmap4j.sourceforge.net is a Java API that wraps Nmap. Nmap is a port scanner that would be able to give you MAC address and OS information.

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