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It's possible to change the View path on App Controller using:

$this->viewPath = $newPath;                

Is it possible to change the Elements path? I really need it for a mobile version and i load them from controllers with ajax.


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I recommend using an if-else construct to check if it is mobile or not, and load the appropriate element accordingly:

if ($mobile) {
    $element = $this->element('mobile/helpbox');
} else {
    $element = $this->element('desktop/helpbox');

echo $element;
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with the following statement u can change the used view:

$this -> render(‘yourviewname’);

If the used view is stored in another folder like 'mobile' use the following statement:

$this -> viewPath = ‘mobile’;

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I know how to change the view path. My question was about how to change the Element Path. –  Alvaro Mar 29 '12 at 15:09

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