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document.onkeydown.toString() returns onkeydown function but i only want to get this function's name.

Is it possible?

var exHandler;
function getCurrentHandler(){
   currentHandler = document.onkeydownhandler.toString() - i want to get name of this to call setPreviousHandler with exHandler

document.onkeydown = newFunction;


function setPreviousHandler(targetHandler){
   document.onkeydown = targetHandler;
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What are you trying to do? –  Thilo Mar 29 '12 at 8:29
document.onkeydown = current function (i dont know the name) document.onkeydown = my function I want to set document.onkeydown to the current function which i changed before. –  Nebide Yildiz Mar 29 '12 at 8:49
Can you please write that down in pseudocode? –  Niko Mar 29 '12 at 8:54
i added pseudocode. –  Nebide Yildiz Mar 29 '12 at 9:05
So you don't need name - you can get reference to handler with var currentHandler = document.onkeydown; change handler to other: document.onkeydown = newFunction; and later use stored handler, e.g. setPreviousHandler(currentHandler); –  Mateusz W Mar 29 '12 at 9:28

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It depends on the way the function was assigned. Take look at this:

function test() { alert('test'); }
window.onkeydown = test;

output is function test() { alert('test'); } and you can parse this string to get its name as string:

var fnsting = window.onkeydown.toString(); 
// use regexp to extract name
var name = fnsting.match( /function\s*(.*?)\s*\(/ )[1]; // name is 'test'

(it will allways returns name from function definition (when you assing this function to other variable .toString() always returns the same string)

but following example:

window.onkeydown = function () { alert('test'); };

will print function () { alert('test'); } because this function is anonymous, so you can't get its name.

Moreover when you create function like this:

var test = function () { alert('test'); };
window.onkeydown = test;

and output will be function () { alert('test'); } because on creation function did not have name (it was function expression assigned to variable) so you also can not extract it's name.

But you can make simple comparision:

function foo() { alert('foo'); }
var bar = function () { alert('bar'); };

window.onkeydown = foo;

// try to find function
if (window.onkeydown === foo) {
    alert('this is foo');
} else if (window.onkeydown === bar) {
    alert('this is bar');

// or like this:
var handler = window.onkeydown;
if (handler === foo) {
    alert('this is foo');
} else if (handler === bar) {
    alert('this is bar');

But there is also issue with this, because when you assign anonymous function like this:

window.onkeydown = function () { alert('test'); };

You don't have any other reference to this function (it is not assigned to other variable) so you can't compare it with other function (comparision always returns false).

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No, that is not possible. Function names are not distinct in javascript. Example:

function john() {
    // ... do something ...

var jim = john;

What would you now consider the name of that function? "john" or "jim"? - they both point to the exact same thing and are not different in anything. Another example may clarify that:

var john = function() { /* ... */ };
var jim = john;
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