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I was wondering, is the following relation in 3rd normal form ?

USER (username:String PrimaryKey, 

and userType can be one of the following values

  1. Guest
  2. Registered User
  3. Referred User


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If the FD's that apply in your database are

{username} -> {userType, fname, lname, dateOfBirth}

then your design is even in 5NF.

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I don't see any transitive dependencies between non-key attributes... so it's 3NF compliant.

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but of course be very careful when considering the user name as the primary key of the user table. It usually does not work...

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Would you really want to allow duplicate usernames? Assuming @Ali wants to guarantee that no two users can have the same username then it seems that username "works" as a key. –  sqlvogel Apr 3 '12 at 5:29

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