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I want to add auto increment value in a field in mongodb using php, without using counting the records and next number(count + 1) will be my increment value... Or Is there any way to create array of autoincrement values in mongodb,php for example A customer having multiple emails and addresses then we can store it like email[{1:'a@x.com',2:'demo@example.com'},...] and also same for address[{1:'Indore',2:'Dewas'},...] So for uniqueness I want to set autoincrement value from each email and address..

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It is possible if you create two collections

First to store the field for whichyou want to create autoincrement number like

// Inserting 2 records for which we want to create auto-increment numbers
   field_id: "register_id",
   nextId: 0
   field_id: "user_id",
   nextId: 0

// Function is used to get the next autoincremented value
function getNextId(field)
   var ret = db.autoincrementcollection.findAndModify({
        query: { field_id: field },
        update: { $inc: { nextId: 1 } },
        new: true
   return ret.nextId;

Second in which you want to use the incremented number like

// inserting data in registration collection with register_id auto-increment number
     _id: getNextId("register_id"),
     fname: "Rohan",
// inserting data in user collection with user_id auto-increment number
     _id: getNextId("user_id"),
     name: "Rohan Kumar"

findAndModify() may not work while code using PHP then you can use find() and/or update()

Refer Docs for create-an-auto-incrementing-field

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how do you implement the above using PHP ? – Slimshadddyyy Sep 26 '14 at 4:09

Ideally you should not be using autoincrement as identifier in MongoDb. If you want to , refer 2 good methods given here :


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But only for single process/instance !!!!!!!!

$ilosc = $this->ofe->find(array(),array('ide'))->sort(array('ide' => -1 ))->limit(1);

$ilosc = array_pop(iterator_to_array($ilosc));

if ( !isset($ilosc['ide'])  ) :
    $this->doc['ide'] = 0;
else :
    $this->doc['ide'] = ++$ilosc['ide'];
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