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Can I obtain the source code for the core Ada libraries?

I'd like to see the implementation of Text_IO.Get_Imediate and a few other features.

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If you are on a linux/unix type system, the ada libs will probably be in somewhere like :


NOTE: The filenames here do not use the standard rules for filename/package association and There are many renames etc, so you may need to dig a lot to find actually what you are looking for.

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Which is why I usually just let GPS do the declaration navigation for me :-) –  Marc C Mar 29 '12 at 12:34
And why I let emacs do the declaration navigation for me :) –  NWS Mar 29 '12 at 13:14

This is dependant on the compiler you use. Some are open source, others are not.

If you use GNAT: Yes, you can. Either download/install the source package from your package repository, or download it from AdaCore on their libre page: http://libre.adacore.com

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If you're using one of the GNAT GPL distributions from AdaCore, and editing with GPS, you can simply right-click on a package or subprogram and select "Go to body of ..." and it will navigate you right to it.

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