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I have a scenario where two pipes are used for IPC between child and parent. The child process uses execvp to execute a remote program. The parent process takes care of writing data to the pipe. The remote programs stdin is duplicated to read end of one pipe. To the same pipe parent writes data at the write end. The remote program has a simple getchar() in one of the functions that is called twice in the remote program's main function.

The parent writes data in the following sequence.

  1. writes data to the pipe. Closes all the required handles. (say wrote 1)
  2. after some time writes data again to the pipe. Closes handle (say wrote 2)

The getchar in the remote program reads "1" in the proper fashion. But the problem comes while reading "2". The getchar is reading garbage values.

I have debugged using GDB and the program exits normally. No "signals" are raised while debugging.

I have used the fork(), dup2() and pipe() functions and need to stick to it.

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What you're describing should work correctly, so the error is in your code, not in the approach. Perhaps you're writing with puts, and the "garbage" is the newline it adds? Anyway, make a simple program you can post and someone will spot the problem. –  alexis Mar 29 '12 at 9:09
Like alexis says, try reading with read and writing with write and see where that gets you. –  cha0site Mar 29 '12 at 10:24

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