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I can't make my weblogic 11g to work on https. The problem is with identity keystore. How should I create identity keystore? I have private key, web server certificate and intermediate certificate in pem format. I import private key and certificates like this:

keytool -import -keystore myIdentity.jks -storepass mypass -storetype JKS -alias myPrivateKey -file mykey.pem -keypass mypass

keytool -import -keystore myIdentity.jks -storepass mypass -storetype JKS -alias mycert -trustcacerts -file certificate.pem -keypass mypass

I am dummy at this and don't know what is wrong

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Found very useful: This link

I generated keystore with IBM Keyman and solved my problems.

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  1. Generate the IdentityStore :

keytool -genkey -keystore myIdentityStore.jks -storepass welcome1 -alias dummy -dname CN="dummy,C=FR" -keypass welcome1

  1. Import certificates in the TrustStore

keytool -import -v -noprompt -trustcacerts -alias myCertificateAliasName -file myCertificateLocation -keystore myTrustStore.jks -storepass welcome1

  1. Configure your weblogic Server :

Environment -> Servers – AdminServer -> Keystores, then Change Demo Identity and Demo Trust to Custom Identity and Custom Trust.

Also, change those values for Identity

Custom Identity Keystore : $OSB_HOME/vesiKeyStore/vesiIdentityStore.jks, Custom Identity Keystore Type : JKS, Confirm Custom Identity Keystore Passphrase :welcome1.

Do the same for Trust.

  1. restart the server.
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