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I'm totaly newbie to Source Control idea, so please be kind.

My situation is that we are a development team which contains 2 developers and 1 designer. We use Visual Studio 2010 and we need to use a Git as a Source Control.

I've installed Git Source Control Provider and GitExtensions using Extensions Manager on all machines.

But there is only one thing I don't get it, how can I configure every Git on every machine to find a central repositry where we can Push and Update all work in one place? Does that mean everyone will take a copy of a solution into his own machine (Locally) and configure Git to a repositry OR are we going to run on the same solution?

Honestly, I have not found articles regarding this issue and how teams on same project on Visual Studio 2010?

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Git is distributed version control system means that whenever you clone a repository you can work on your copy and commit too. Once you done you can push the commits to remote repository.

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Fine, how could we push our commits to a repositry (locally centralized)? –  Anwar Mar 29 '12 at 9:27
I would suggest to go through the Git documentation, here are couple of tutorials on this website. git-scm.com/documentation –  vpatil Mar 29 '12 at 9:50

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