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I have a csv file which sep="\t", quote=TRUE, so the data is quoted like "2011-01-11"

I used the following script to import the csv file into R

temp <- sqldf("select * from dummy limit 10",file.format=list(header=TRUE,sep="\t",quote="\""))

But it gives me something like "\"2011-01-11\""

The \" is the extra thing in each cell that I want to get rid of, how can I do it? Thanks.

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I am not familiar with sqldf, but there must be a better way importing your dataset. However, an answer to your question:

x <- c("\"2011-01-11\"")
gsub("\\\"", "", x)
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The problem is not what is used as a separator. – Roman Luštrik Mar 29 '12 at 11:54

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