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Can someone tell me why this:


works fine on its own page all by iself, but when I try to load it inside my current site using ajax and jquery, which is,


On the portfolio page, i get this error:

this.loader = new GalleryLoader('gallery.xml', 'gallery', "Madeira"); this.prefetching = 'all';

instead of loading my gallery the way i want? Id really like to know how to fix it as its been bugging me for a few days now.

Any and all help is appreciated,


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I get the same error with JavaScript deactivated. Just make sure you activate your JavaScript. For those users - for whatever reason - have disabled their JavaScript I would suggest to supply something different than just this warning. Give them a hint or just a nice alternative without JavaScript. Just another thing, please embed your JavaScript within an appropriate tag:

<script type="text/javascript">
    this.loader = new GalleryLoader('gallery.xml', 'gallery', "Madeira");
    this.prefetching = 'all'; 
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One issue seems to be that you are loading a whole HTML page within a div. If your AJAX call was working properly, you'd end up with code like:


If you really want something like that, you'd be better off using an iframe.

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