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I hope this question isn't too vague. But I'm just looking for a good starting point.

I need to write a program but I'm hoping to make use of some newer technologies which I haven't had any coding experience in. I'd prefer to try Silverlight/Wpf, but if its a too far of a stretch, standard win-forms will cut it too. (that being said I've never let it stop me so far), plus what Iv'e read about some of the options available to developers lately, they just sound cool so I'd like to try it.

We've make use of SQL server, an active directory, and our users all have their own laptops.

What I do want the app to do, is:

I'm hoping to write some form of API (or web API... whatever you call it?) with which a desktop app/website can interact with, not sure how to go about it. Also, in the said API, I'd like to know how to (best) structure my solution

I'm basically looking for search terms or links or advice that might be useful. I've got some experience coding in Asp.Net & Asp.Net MVC (using T4 templates)

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Do you want to reach your clients to API(confusing) over internet? – daryal Mar 29 '12 at 9:31
Far too vague. What do you want this API to do? What do you want it's clients to get from using the API? What problem does it solve? How exactly do you want the desktops and laptops to interact (web services?)? You need to provide a lot more details - details you probably do have whether you're experienced or not. – SkonJeet Mar 29 '12 at 9:40

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Sounds like you want to create a WCF endpoint to which multiple types of clients can connect (including Silverlight, a WPF app, a MVC app, or a third party). I would start with that.

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Your question is extremely vague... thus only some links as starting points:

For searches you can use the terms SOAP, REST, WCF etc.

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Maybe what you we're talking about is a web service.

The W3C defines a Web service as a software system designed to support interoperable machine-to-machine interaction over a network.

You can follow this walkthrough for creating a basic web service.

There are also other types of service in c#:

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Search terms if Visual Studio is your preferred environment: WCF REST API

I would also suggest: atompub REST

I think you will find a lot of good resources.

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Take a look at XML-RPC there is a good library for .NET that provides client and server: - it's very useful if you mix platforms (Windows/Linux). When not all of your clients or servers run Windows this is really great tool. You'll find libraries for virtually any platform. On the other hand it's not so useful for situations where you have to transfer lots of binary data as every binary data has to be encoded with base64 which will give you noticeable overhead.

XML-RPC is kind of simplified version of SOAP (I think that SOAP emerged from XML-RPC but I'm not sure). Some people complain that SOAP brings too much complexity and prefer XML-RPC for small projects instead.

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