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Probably easy one. How can i change rows or column heigh?

 xlApp = new Excel.Application();
 xlApp.Visible = true;
 xlApp.DisplayAlerts = false;
 Excel.Workbooks xlWorkBooks = xlApp.Workbooks;
 xlWorkBook = xlWorkBooks.Open(directoryPath + "\\" + fileName, 0, false, 5, "", "", false, Excel.XlPlatform.xlWindows, "", true, false, 0, true, false, false);

 xlWorkSheets = xlWorkBook.Worksheets; //Get all the sheets in the workbook
 xlWorkSheet = (Excel.Worksheet)xlWorkSheets.get_Item("Sheet1"); //Get the allready exists sheet
 Excel.Range range = xlWorkSheet.UsedRange;
 Excel.Range chartRange;

 int colCount = range.Columns.Count;
 int rowCount = range.Rows.Count;

  xlWorkSheet.Cells[rowCount + 5, 1] = "Name and surname";
  chartRange = xlWorkSheet.get_Range("a" + (rowCount + 5), "e" + (rowCount + 5));
  chartRange.Font.Bold = true;

 xlWorkBook.SaveAs(fileName, Excel.XlFileFormat.xlOpenXMLWorkbook, misValue, misValue, misValue, misValue, Excel.XlSaveAsAccessMode.xlExclusive, misValue, misValue, misValue, misValue, misValue);
  xlWorkBook.Close(misValue, misValue, misValue);
  xlWorkSheet = null;
  xlWorkBook = null;


Try it with xlWorkSheet.UsedRange.EntireRow.Height = value; but it doesn't work. autoFit() is working but i would like to work with my value.

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Did you try using OfficeOpenXml? It is easier and you can do that in it. If you want, i could paste a bit of code to see what does it look like :) – Bip Mar 29 '12 at 9:42
Please do. So simple functions and so difficult to find. – JanOlMajti Mar 29 '12 at 9:47
xlsgen is probably similar than yours OfficeOpenXml – JanOlMajti Mar 29 '12 at 9:57

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I think you may be looking for RowHeight...

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Already try to modify to my code, but it doesn't work – JanOlMajti Mar 29 '12 at 9:55
works for me. If I add chartRange.RowHeight = 38; to your code above (immediately below chartRange.Font.Bold = true;) then the row height is changed – paul Mar 29 '12 at 10:08
Huh, now it's working. Knew it would be simple ;) Thanks. – JanOlMajti Mar 29 '12 at 10:13

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