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I am using blow code for join in nhibernate, which is working fine. But i don't wants to use .List on both queries before join, i wants to use .List after join. I don't know nhibernate too much.. please provide me help that what i should make changes in below funciton to first join the data and then apply .List over it.

 public IEnumerable<PGrp> GetSol()
        _pGrpR = null;
        _pGrp = null;

        QueryOver<Phy, Phy> activePhyQuery = GetDataQuery();

        var phyGrpR = _session.QueryOver(() => _pGrpR)
            Subqueries.WhereProperty<PGrpR>(p => _pGrpR.PhyId).In(

        IList<PGrp> pGrps = _session.QueryOver(() => _pGrp)
            .Where(x => !x.AC)

        var newPGrps = pGrps
                p => p.Id,
                x => x.PGrpId,
                (p, x) => p
            ).Distinct().OrderBy(x => x.Name);

        return newPGrps;


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 PGrpR pGrpR = null;
 IList<PGrp> pGrps = _session.QueryOver(() => _pGrp)
            .Where(x => !x.AC)
            .JoinAlias(pgrps => pgrps.pGrpR, () => pGrpR) // Set real property name
            .OrderBy(() => pGrpR.Name).Asc
            .Select(Projections.Distinct(Projections.Property(() => pGrpR."PropertyForDistinct")))
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facing error in .JoinAlias line –  Rajesh Rolen- DotNet Developer Mar 29 '12 at 10:25
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