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In route, how to use a dynamic action name, like {action} in 1.x. Is there any detail syntax statement for route file?

In 1.x, route will transfer a localhost/page/zzz?xxx=yyy to a action zzz with route

GET /{controller}/{action} {controller}.{action}
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You can’t do that at this level. You can, however, write an invoker which will dynamically invoke an action using reflection…

GET  /:controller/:action     controllers.Invoker.invoke(controller, action)

With invoke looking like this:

object Invoker extends Controller {
  def invoke(controllerName: String, actionName: String) = Action { request =>
    // Retrieve the action using reflection and invoke it
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How would you retrieve the action with reflection? –  Mark Apr 20 '12 at 6:24

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