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I have problem. I use ant to redirect output from my java class, but there is problem, it`s reddirecting ALL output, not only "System.out.." (this is output that i want to reddirect). My class is getting remote objects and sometime it puts in console error messages. Can I deny those exceptions/errors so my class outputs only "System.out.."?

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I'm assuming your using the Ant java Task to run your class. I'm also guessing you're redirecting output using the output or outputProperty attributes.

By default these options will also redirect standard error unless you explicitly redirect the error stream yourself.

So you can solve your problem by adding something like errorProperty="propertytoignore" to your task definition. This will write the error messages to the property rather than your output file.

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Adding up to @Dave Webb's answer (and also assuming you're talking about the java task), you can add error="null" to the task:

<java classname="my.package.MyClass" output="${outfile}" error="null">
    <arg value="${arg1}"/>
    <arg value="${arg2}"/>

It works under Windows Eclipse Ant.

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