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I have 2 tables on 2 separate sheets of an MS Excel 2007 workbook, like below:

no.   f_name     l_name  
13   Little     Timmy
1   John       Doe
17   Baby       Jessica

no.   f_name     l_name  
1   john       Tim
16   kyle       joe
14   Baby       katy
22   qbcd       wsde

Both have the same columns, but they can have different data.

I want to combine the data of both tables vertically i.e. a single table with all the data in a 3rd separate sheet. If possible, I want to add another column with the sheet name from where the row came.

SheetName   no.   f_name     l_name  
Sheet1      13   Little     Timmy
Sheet1      1   John       Doe
Sheet1      17   Baby       Jessica
Sheet2      1   john       Tim
Sheet2      16   kyle       joe
Sheet2      14   Baby       katy
Sheet2      22   qbcd       wsde

Can it be done without using macros?

Thanks a ton!

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You can activate the Office Clipboard (arrow at bottom right of clipboard section on Ribbon Home Tab). Copy both ranges then use the Paste All command as shown below.

You would still need to fill down the sheet name in an extra column first though which can be done by double-clicking the fill handle.

enter image description here


To get the same results with formulas try filling down this for the sheet name:


and then fill down and across this formula for the values in the tables:

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Thanks!! Yea.. that's an option but the thing is I also want the final table to automatically update itself when I make changes in any of the input tables... I don't know if I can use any function here. I have been searching for it for a while now but couldn't find anything. Maybe macro is the only option here :( –  anuj Mar 29 '12 at 15:07
You could use the paste-special Paste Link command to link the combined table to the source table. This would update automatically with changes in the original table provided the number of items in the lists doesn't change –  lori_m Mar 29 '12 at 15:20

lori_m made a really good contribution that I built upon by using Microsoft Excel Tables and structured references.

First make a column in your output table called RowID which contains the row number within the table and then use this to fill the data values.

=IF( INDIRECT("Table3[RowId]")<=ROWS(Table1)

There is a detailed explanation of how this works on my blog as it was too long to include here.

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