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I tried using expression(), which works with noraml plots, but my attempt below fails: any ideas?

I want to write: µg CO2 (subscript 2) – C m-2 (superscript -2) h-1 (supercript -1)

works perfectly:

plot(CO2~water_content, data=gases, ylab = expression(paste("µg ", CO[2], " - C ", m^-2, " ", h^-1, sep="")))             


qplot(factor(vegetation_dummy),CO2,facets=sampling~biochar,geom=c('boxplot'),data=gases_PL)+theme_bw()+xlab('Plants')+ylab = expression(paste("µg ", CO[2], " - C ", m^-2, " ", h^-1, sep=""))

Many thanks!

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your command fails, because the syntax is wrong

qplot(..) ... + ylab = expression(...) 

you need something like '+ ylab(...)'

for example like this:

qplot(carat, depth, data=diamonds, facets = cut~color, geom='boxplot') + 
ylab(expression(paste("µg ", CO[2], " - C ", m^-2, " ", h^-1, sep="")))
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i also had to replace "..." with '...' and then it worked!! thanks a lot! –  Michi Ka Mar 29 '12 at 12:00
The material inside that expression call is destined to be evaluated by the plotmath engine and therefore the sep= argument is not recognized as a separator and possibly would be confusing in its results if you pass anything except "". Try it with "-" or "_" to see what I mean. –  BondedDust Mar 29 '12 at 16:57

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