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If we dont have virtual constructors then why we have virtual destructors? Can constructors also be virtual?

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@TomaszNurkiewicz: I think the question is rather, why do we have virtual destructors in C++? –  larsmans Mar 29 '12 at 11:01

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  • There is no point in virtual constructor - you declare exactly what type is created, and it is well known in compile time. The compiler do not need [and actually cannot, since the dynamic dispatch is based on information which is created only after the object was created]. So there are no virtual constructors.
  • Virtual destructors are important to prevent memory leaks, and monitor the system. Assume you have A* a = new B; [B inherits from A], and you later delete a; - the compiler has no way of knowing a is a B [in the general case], and will invoke A's destructor - if it wasn't virtual, and you might get a memory leak, or other faults.
  • Using virtual destructor - you ensure that B's destructor is invoked, since a B object is being destroyed.
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I didn't understand the first point . can you elaborate it, please. –  devnull Sep 19 '12 at 12:23
@jhamb: When you invoke a constructor - it is something like new MyClass;. The dynamic type and the static type of the created object - are exactly the same, the real concrete object. –  amit Sep 19 '12 at 19:53

Virtual destructors are needed because at destruction time, you don't always know what type you're dealing with:

Base *make_me_an_object()
    if (the_moon_is_full())
        return new Derived();
        return new Base();

int main()
    Base *p = make_me_an_object();
    delete p;

The delete in the above program's main doesn't know whether its p points to a Base or a Derived object, but if the Base destructor is virtual (as it should be), then delete can use *p's vtable to find the right destructor.

By contrast, at construction time, you always know what kind of object you're creating. (And in case you don't, then you can create a factory or "virtual constructor" that does know.)

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