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I need to modify a regular expression that matches a url for a redirect. The main part of it is this:


That (i think) matches all the occurence that comes from webpages/ProdPage.aspx or default.asp. I need to modify it so that it will match default.asp or Default.asp. Maybe I should just add an i after the delimiter but I don't want the entire expression to be case insensitive.

thanx Luke

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Change your default.asp to [dD]efault.asp to allow just the d to be lower or upper case.

Additionally, you might consider changing your . to \. as you want it to match a literal dot (ProdPage.aspx, default.asp). Otherwise, . will be interpreted in its regex sense meaning "any character except newline", so a page webpages/ProdPageaaspx would match (even though it's extremely unlikely...)

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