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hi I met as I bealive very common problem with mysql and e-commerce shop ... tho i can't find answer for this.

I've got shop which has not one product table but many ... for example in one shop u has vinyls, studio gear etc ... so we've got many tables with different product details ... the thing is I need to get total ammount (price) of products in cart from many tables

public static function GetTotalAmount() {
    $params = array(
        ':cart_id' => self::GetCartId()
    $sql = 'SELECT SUM(v.price) AS total_amount '.
            'FROM shopping_cart sc '.
            'INNER JOIN vinyl v '.
            'ON sc.product_id = v.id  AND sc.department_id = 1 '.
            'WHERE sc.cart_id = :cart_id AND sc.buy_now;';
    $v = DataBase::FetchOne($sql, $params);
    $sql = 'SELECT SUM(sg.price) AS total_amount '.
            'FROM shopping_cart sc '.
            'INNER JOIN studio_gear sg '.
            'ON sc.product_id = sg.id  AND sc.department_id = 2 '.
            'WHERE sc.cart_id = :cart_id AND sc.buy_now;';
    $sg = DataBase::FetchOne($sql, $params);
return $sg + $v;

As u might see i made this with ugly way .. maybe u can help me show how to get SUM() of possible N tables counted from N.price

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You can use UNION ALL

 SELECT SUM(price) FROM ((SELECT SUM(price) as price FROM table1 WHERE ...) UNION ALL (SELECT SUM(price) as price FROM table2 WHERE ...) UNION ALL  ....)

A quick tip (if you can) - merge all the products tables into one table and operate on that (you'll also have to implement categories and custom attributes for products though). Otherwise you will have a mess when you add new shops.

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Thanks very much! I will merge products in one table –  user1300577 Mar 29 '12 at 11:40

You can create a (materialized) view with just the necessary columns of the product tables, - product_id and price

Once you have the view (vw_products) you can just do an inner join of shopping cart table with the view and then get the sum.

SELECT sum(vw.price) FROM
shopping_cart sc INNER JOIN vw_products vw 
ON sc.product_id = vw.id and sc.department_id IN (1,2,...)
WHERE sc.cart_id = :cart_id AND sc.buy_now;

If you have many rows and if the prices don't change often (every few minutes) I would suggest creating a table and populating it with the result of above query.

Every day or after every change to price you can refresh this table.

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