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I use Zend framework to build the forms, I want to make the edit action, since the user click on edit, the form appears with users data, how can I set the data to the form which is built dynamically??

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where $data is an array of key value pairs containing your data.

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$form = new Zend_Form;

if ($this->_request->isPost()) {
   //to just populate

   //or auto populate during validation
   if ($form->isValid($this->_getAllParams()) {
      //do stuff if valid

I know that ZF maunal is pretty messy and not everything is clear, but I think forms are explained pretty nice (with examples). You should research more by yourself.


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$Menu = new Admin_Model_DbTable_Menu(); 
$row = $Menu->fetchRow($Menu->select()->where('id = ?', $id));
$Addmenu = new Admin_Form_Addmenu(); 
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