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I am inserting an image into a div container with css like this:

.ft-folder-closed:before {
    content: url('../ll-filetree/img/ft-plus.16.png');

I want apply some css attributes to that image without listing them in the together with the "content" attribute, but apply a nother style to it, to reduce CSS overhead. Something like this, but that of course does not work:

.ft-folder-closed:before {
    content: url('../ll-filetree/img/ft-plus.16.png');
    inherit: ft-floder-icon;

Any chance to do that?

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can you send the image link – Rohit Azad Mar 29 '12 at 12:35
The only way I know to do that is using a CSS pre-processor like LESS or SASS. – hradac Mar 29 '12 at 12:36
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You can group your CSS selectors to apply the same styles on multiple elements. This allows you to apply the same styles to multiple elements without repeating the styles.


.ft-folder-icon, .ft-folder-closed:before {
     color: red;

This will apply the color: red; style to both the .ft-folder-icon elements and the .ft-folder-closed:before pseudo-elements.

If you decided to use a CSS pre-processor like LESS you could abstract your CSS using "mixins" similar to this:


Using "mixins" you can embed all of the properties of a class into another class just by including the class name as one of its properties. It's very similar to variables, but for entire classes.

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