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How do I change the credentials used by a scheduled task using C#.NET?

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Someone has written a task scheduler class library on codeproject.com, it might be what your after...


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Instead of using code, you can do it using 'SCHTASKS' command, run it using System.Diagnostic.Process.Start method with the parameters required. It's easy and not much effort required.

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You must call RegisterTaskDefintion for the task's definition with the new username and password to change just the password.

Code fragment

// Add COM-Reference to "TaskScheduler 1.1 Type Library" to the project
using TaskScheduler;

// code in function X

TaskSchedulerClass TaskClass = new TaskSchedulerClass();

// access one task (or search for it or enumerate over all tasks)
IRegisteredTask lTask = null;
lTask = TaskClass.GetFolder("\\").GetTasks(0)[0];

// provide domain\\username and password (ask user for it, use encryption)
string lUsername = "TestDomain\\TestUsername"; // TestDomain can be the hostname for a local user
string lPassword = "xyzPassword";

RegisterTaskDefinition(lTask.Path, lTask.Definition, (int)_TASK_CREATION.TASK_UPDATE, lUsername, lPassword, lTask.Definition.Principal.LogonType, Type.Missing);

Original source for answer: http://taskscheduler.codeplex.com/discussions/215362

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Check out this library for working with TaskSheduler. It's written in VB, but I referenced it easily and called it from C#.

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