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I have problem customizing $GREG_HOME/repository/conf/registry.xml file for oracle database 10, I am using ojdbc14_1.0.0.jar. After recommendations at Edit $GREG_HOME/repository/conf/registry.xml and give the following:

oracle-db jdbc:oracle:thin:@SERVER_NAME:PORT/DB_NAME USER_NAME PASSWORD oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver 80 60000 5

I have errors at the startup of carbon server ("function is not supported" in Russian):

" TID: [] [WSO2 Governance Registry] [2012-03-29 15:41:41,843] INFO
{org.wso2.carbon.ldap.server.configuration.LDAPConfigurationBuilder} - KDC server is disabled. {org.wso2.carbon.ldap.server.configuration.LDAPConfigurationBuilder} TID: [] [WSO2 Governance Registry] [2012-03-29 15:41:41,859] INFO {org.wso2.carbon.ldap.server.DirectoryActivator} - Initializing Directory Server with working directory D:\Distr\WSO2greg\WSO2GR~1.1\WSO2GR~1.1\bin..\repository\data\ and port 10389 {org.wso2.carbon.ldap.server.DirectoryActivator} TID: [] [WSO2 Governance Registry] [2012-03-29 15:41:50,265] ERROR {org.wso2.carbon.registry.core.jdbc.dao.JDBCPathCache} - Failed to insert resource to /. Не поддерживаемая функция {org.wso2.carbon.registry.core.jdbc.dao.JDBCPathCache} java.sql.SQLException: Не поддерживаемая функция at oracle.jdbc.driver.DatabaseError.throwSqlException( at oracle.jdbc.driver.DatabaseError.throwSqlException( "

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WSO2 Governance Registry(4.5.0 onward) supports for different encoding types


If you want to use Governance Registry with Russian, you should start the server with proper encoding type.

Windows : wso2server.bat -Dcarbon.registry.character.encoding=windows-1251 Liux : sh -Dcarbon.registry.character.encoding=windows-1251

More information :

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