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sir, first look at my code below....


function render() {
    var MainDiv = document.createElement("div");
    MainDiv.setAttribute("id", "MainDiv");
    MainDiv.setAttribute("style", "text-align:left;border:solid 1px gray; ");

    var btn = document.createElement("input");
    btn.setAttribute("id", "btn");
    btn.setAttribute("type", "button");

    var txtage = document.createElement("input");
    txtage.setAttribute("id", "txtage");
    txtage.setAttribute("type", "text");

    var txtname = document.createElement("input");
    txtname.setAttribute("id", "txtname");
    txtname.setAttribute("type", "text");

    var i = 0;
    var tablestringarray = new Array();
    /*suppose this string input  comes from the text area by the user,in which
    keywords such as txtname,txtage and btn are predefined and fixed.
    Only html can be changed...*/

    var str1 = "<table border=\"solid 1px gray\"><tr><td>{txtname}</td><td>{btn}</td></tr><tr><td>{txtage}</td></tr></table>";
    var str= str1.split(/\{|\}/);

    for (index in str) {
        try {
            var temp= eval(str[index]);
            var element =temp.id;
        catch (e) {
            tablestringarray[i] = str[index];

    MainDiv.innerHtml = tablestringarray.join](' ');
    var division = document.getElementById("div2");
    return false;


As you can see in the intially in main division controls are created through javascript and are unformatted.So when user will give the html with the fixed keywords in {} and click on render button,it will simply render append controls with html format.

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What are you asking here? Also at a glance, I see an extra [ in tablestringarray.join](' '); –  jli Mar 29 '12 at 12:54
ID="txtage" -- IDs are required to be unique in the HTML specification. –  Diodeus Mar 29 '12 at 14:04
sorry for the '[' in 'tablestringarray.join(' ');' ,it is written by mistake . what i am asking is that i have a user control in which controls are created by javascript but unformatted(without any table ,style etc) .Now we will facilitate the user to arrange the controls accordingly.for that textarea or editor('str1' comes from the textarea input) is given in which user will write html,that have keywords injected in curly braces.Keywords are the unique IDs of the controls which are predefined to user.My controls are rendering by this code but table etc not.Sorry for mistakes,i m new here. –  user1300729 Mar 30 '12 at 4:32

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