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I'm trying to differentiate between a disclose arrow being 'On' (pointed down) or 'Off' (pointed up). The posted code is completely wrong and just the general idea of what I want it to do.

- (IBAction)disclosureArrow:(NSControl *)sender{

if (disclosureArrow currentState:ON) {

IBOutlet id discloseArrow is attached to the disclose button in interface builder and it receives a command from IBAction that is also attached to the button. How do I check the button's current state ? (In regards to disclosure arrows.)

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I believe:

BOOL isOn = ([sender state] == NSOnState);

Should do the trick.

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if (![disclosureArrow state] == NSOnState) That worked fine based on what you said, thanks man. – H.B. Mar 30 '12 at 3:44

So you have set a custom image as button as your accessory view of a tableViewCell? Is that correct? Are you using static cells? How do you change the arrows?

The most easy way is probably to change the tag of your button regarding to its state. When assigning the arrow up, you give it the tag 1. Else you give it the tag 2.

Than you could read it like that:

- (IBAction)disclosureArrow:(NSControl *)sender
  if (sender.tag == 1)
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