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I created cloudfront distribution with signed url by referring to the link:

Below are my questions

  1. what should be passed to 'path' parameter to get signed url in 'CloudFrontStreamingUrl()' method? The s3 path like : or rtmp://

  2. For below flowplayer set up 'netconnection url' will be signed url? or the physical file name will be signed and passed to player

    flowplayer("rtmpPlayer", "", {
        // configure the required plugins
        plugins:  {
            // the RTMP plugin
            rtmp: {
                url: "",
                // netConnectionUrl has our CloudFront domain name + 'cfx/st'
                netConnectionUrl: 'rtmp://'
        clip: {
            // use the RTMP plugin
            provider: 'rtmp'
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This seems to be regression in the latest release. I had the same problem and had to roll back to version 3.2.5.

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