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Using Crystal Report 7

Single report (not sub report added, group by id)

ID Value total

001 100 2000
002 300 1000
003 400 4000

I have n number of rows, i want to make first 2 rows subtotal, not each 2 rows, report should display 1st row, 2nd row then 1st & 2nd row subtotal, then 3rd row, 4th row, 5th row to nth rows....

Expected Ouput

ID Value total subtotal

001 100 2000
002 200 3000
total 300 5000 0

003 300 1000

How to do it in crystal report.

Need Crystal Report formula or suggestions

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Please don't tag your questions with [crystal-reports-2008] or [crystal-report-8.5] tags if those versions don't apply. –  Mark Bannister Mar 30 '12 at 11:02

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Create this formula; substituting actual field for {table.field}:

//{@stupid group}
If {table.field} IN ['001','002'] Then

Insert a group on the formula.

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