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I have an XML document that matches our site navigation something like this:

<page name="home" url="/" />
<page name="about" url="/about" />

<folder name="folder1">

    <page name="page1" url="folder1/page1" />
    <page name="page2" url="folder1/page2" />

    <folder name="folder2">

       <page name="page3" url="folder1/folder2/page3" />
       <page name="page4" url="folder1/folder2/page4" />



I need an xpath statement that for a given page will return all the ancestor elements (folders).

e.g. (doesn't work) ancestor::page[@name='page4']

It should return the ancestors regardless of how deeply nested the folders are.

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Please fix the title first, question has nothing to with preg match. – anubhava Mar 29 '12 at 13:36
My bad - that was for a previous question I nearly asked! – benedict_w Mar 29 '12 at 13:38
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To answer my own question this seems to work //page[@name="page1"]/ancestor::*

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