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I am working ot his project:

I have the modules dj image slider, and another named altra switcher. I tried to install Easy Jquery, and other methods, but nothing helps. It's 100% problem with jquery and mootols conflict, but I cannot resolve it. It's there any scripts to resolve this ?


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To solve those compatibility issues you can try:

  • Always load Mootools before Jquery
  • Always load and use Jquery noconflict
  • Make sure you load those libraries just once per page
  • Don't load any of them if you aren't going to use it
  • Be careful with joomla cache and when combining js files
  • Use carefully any extension that gives you some control on js libraries:

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Do you need mootools on the front end of your joomla install?

If not remove it! It will save your visitor from having to load two libs to view your site:

If you require both make sure any mootools is using the preferred instead of $ as well as setting jquery in noConflict mode.

Hope this helps! Post back the results.

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When you need to use more than one javascript library for extended functionality. Two most popular libraries are mootools and jquery. They conflict because mootools is a prototype and jquery is not. But there is a simple technique to fix this. you can use them both without a conflict.

You just need to take 2 precautions.

  1. Add jquery in no conflict mode. It ensures that more than one jquery library can be used simultaneously.

  2. Include all your jquery code as below

      //jquery code goes here.         

See the complete code.

   //no conflict jquery
   (function($) {
       //jquery code goes here.
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